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July 2023 Yoga Teacher Training


Careful, loving, thorough training by a team of skilled instructors in a welcoming, nurturing, growth- and community-fostering environment. A wonderful setting with amazing vistas. Training in many yoga styles with a comprehensive curriculum and excellent supplementary texts. Intense but well-paced. A life-changing experience that has prepared me to teach in a diversity of settings to students of all ages and ability levels. Plus new friendship bonds that are certain to last a lifetime. Thank you. 

~Ralph ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Pure Yoga teacher training provides a excellent, and comfortable environment in which to learn. Shannon and her staff are the best and I highly recommend Pure Yoga Teacher Training to all up coming yoga instructors.

~Sandra ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



~Ellie ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


200 HR WIN Pure Yoga Teacher Training was an incredible, beautiful, and transformative experience. I couldn’t more highly recommend Shannon and the rest of the instructors, who have left me feeling fully prepared to begin my yoga teacher journey, leading from the heart. Thank you 🙏

~Christy ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️




This is an excellent training! I feel fully supported and completely prepared and ready to start!!! I will be forever grateful to Pure Yoga Teacher Training for giving me a firm foundation to start my teaching!

~Chantel ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


I completed my RYT-200 at Pure Yoga Teacher Training in July 2023 and was amazed how much I learned in a short time. Shannon and Amie are fantastic instructors; both are knowledgeable, kind, and fun! I have a great foundation for teaching a wide variety of yoga classes and also came away with wonderful friendships. The setting near Mt Hood was inspiring and the course content was life-changing. I highly recommend this training!



April 2023 Yoga Teacher Training


The actual 16 day experience was intense, educational, and fun...and my appreciation continues to grow long after the "training" ended. Time on my own continues to show what a comprehensive and robust foundation I received from Shannon and Amie (and others) at Pure Yoga YTT. I've secured two separate yoga teaching jobs and feel confident offering a wide variety of yoga classes while helping my students understand some basic aspects of yoga history and philosophy. All of this is due to the tremendous care and personal support I received during my RYT-200 experience.

~Scott ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


"Do yourself a favor and just sign-up"


"If you're even considering becoming a yoga teacher and come across this opportunity, don't overthink it and just sign-up! The 16 days are intense, both emotionally and physically, and the instruction was well grounded in various aspects of yoga theory to complement the practice of learning, doing, and teaching poses. I feel much more confident about teaching yoga with a foundation in the history, philosophy, and central tenets of yoga. I also felt well supported by both Shannon and Amie ... before, during, and now after the training. Such a powerful and positive experience ... and I highly recommend it for anyone else looking to become a certified yoga teacher."


"We became certified yoga teachers and a yoga family!"

"This yoga teacher training was incredible! True bang for your buck here. Shannon welcomes you into her home and makes you a part of her wonderful family. She brings in incredible instructors including Amie, Gabriel, Sam, Ram, and Leah to widen our horizons and become exposed to all the different facets of yoga. In our morning Asana practices, we were exposed to many different styles of yoga. The smaller group size allowed each trainee to receive individual personalized instruction and adjustments. We started student teaching on day 1 and worked our way up to a 1 hour class at the end of the training. After completing this training, I feel fully prepared and equipped to teach yoga. This YTT is not for the faint of heart - if you are willing and ready to be vulnerable, open yourself up to learning new things, and truly and authentically dive in - it is the most worthwhile experience of life! The instructors were very welcoming and inclusive of all types of people. The property is beautiful. Thank you to my amazing group who will always have my heart chakra! <3 and thank you to Shannon and Amie for their hard work and the love they put into this endeavor. They truly made this a one of a kind experience. Namaste!"


"Pure perfection "

"The experience here taught me so much more than being a yoga instructor. If you come here willing to show up authentically and put in the work, you’ll leave here with an open heart, ready to share your gift with your community."


July 2022 Yoga Teacher Training


"I feel very prepared and ready to teach! Shannon and Amie had us practice teaching everyday of our training starting on day 1 which really helped to build my confidence. We dove deep into alignment on all of the core poses in yoga sequences and practiced teaching and adjusting each other daily. My favorite part of the program was the support I felt from Shannon, Amie, and all of my fellow trainees. We were able to show our individuality and uniqueness both on and off the mat without fear of judgement or criticism. I would definitely recommend this training! I grew so much not only as a teacher but as a person. I have gained so much perspective and am excited to take all I have learned and apply it to my life. We worked hard but also had an amazing time and shared many laughs together. I felt wholly and entirely supported and a

m leaving inspired and with a full heart!"


"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a life changing, incredible experience. When I first signed up, I had no idea I would learn all that I did, feel so empowered to teach, and make true life long friendships with soul ties! When you said "whoever would come together for the training is truly meant to be there"- I now feel this was an understatement! The program you designed is challenging both physically and emotionally in the best way-teaching us what the best teachers do, and giving us the confidence to become them. I loved being able to bond as a group on our last day together as well. Thank you both for all of your wisdom, love and support. I love you!"


"Since the very first day of this yoga training program I was teaching. Shannon's process is very effective. I feel confident that I have the skills necessary to teach a yoga class and with experience I'll get even better! My favorite part of the program was that Shannon skillfully helped 8 strangers become friends under the pressure of learning so much so quickly. This training has taught us so much more than yoga, it's helped us better understand ourselves and each other. It's been quite transformative.

I would definitely recommend this training to others who are interested in becoming certified to teach yoga. Staying on site and sharing a kitchen and bathroom with your new friends was also a great experience! Thank you Shannon for opening your home and heart and transforming this group into a group of new friends with the skills required to teach yoga."


"With the many various styles we were exposed to, we all received a bountiful number of ways to utilize this certification. My favorite part of this program was the support we received and were offered throughout the entire stay & beyond.

Shannon Red Cloud and Amie DiGennaro are superb people and instructors who value their profession and knowledge. I am sure to be in contact with both for my entire career. Everyone's energy was sublime."


"I think I am still processing how transformative these past 2 weeks have been. You instantly made me feel so welcome and loved. It's hard to find people so full of love like that! I feel prepared to teach. Ultimately I know I have the tools to be a great teacher, I just need to use them. My favorite part was the variety. I never knew what to expect. There was physical work, emotional, and spiritual work, and it all balanced so well. I learned in areas I wouldn't have even thought about learning in a training! I would recommend this training point blank. This experience was once in a lifetime. Full of loving, learning, growing, laughing, crying, feeling, teaching and soul connections. I loved you all!"


"What I knew day one compared to now feels unbelievable. I got my breathing down! I got my alignment down! Sequencing. I feel prepared to teach. Laughs, memories, staying with Shannon felt like home and family. Great activities! Yes, I would recommend this training X3 million. I texted 4 people mid training saying you have to come here. Such a well rounded experience. The material was presented in a great manner. I'm so happy the language piece was a component in the teaching and presenting. Great experience, I wouldn't change a thing. Thank you!"


"I feel fully immersed in yoga-,ind, body, and spirit. My understanding of this lifestyle is the most important preparation I could have to teach. Love. This training offered me love in community-my new family-and in myself. I would recommend this ytt. 8 people, 8 yogis, now 8 teachers. We laughed, loved, cried, and grew. This training will forever mark a turning point in my life path-a point of hope! All the love!"



August 2022 Yoga Teacher Training


"I do feel prepared to create and instruct the types of classes I want to teach. I feel like I have an understanding to have confidence to go out and apply my knowledge and learn from more experience. My favorite part of this was having moments of flow while teaching and having that celebrated by the group. Also moments of expressing our observations of each others true selves. I for sure would recommend this to a friend looking to become a yoga teacher. It really is a full immersion with the invitation to fearlessly jump in."



"I feel very confident, ready & prepared to teach. I had a lot of doubts coming in if I would be able to teach but I am blown away with how I feel leaving here. I felt so supported, cared for, loved and not judged. I am so grateful. My favorite part was the range of what we learned and getting to teach every single day. I feel like this YTT sparked my interest in so many things- chakras, breath work, partner yoga, meditation, etc. I also loved to get to know everyone and create this beautiful bond. I would definitely recommend this YTT. Honestly I wouldn't change anything. It gave me enough information and practice and I never felt like anything was "missing". So much love to everyone involved."


"I feel ready. My favorite parts of this experience were going somewhere new, meeting new people, growing and learning. Doing something I wanted to do and accomplishing something from it. Most of my  past accomplishments were to satisfy other people. And reconnecting with me."


"I am 100% confident and ready to teach. Favorite aspects of this training include the seclusion and quiet of the homestead. The curriculum of the program was perfect. Loved learning about mudras, mantras, and tying in together with pranayama and meditation. What Shannon and Amie did was to teach people HOW TO TEACH YOGA....and not just about yoga. I would 100% recommend this training. Loved Leah, Tania and Sam. Very nice to pepper in some from folks from the yoga community."

~ Anna

"I feel wholly and completely prepared to teach. I also know that taking this YTT training from Shannon inspired me to plan and make it my mission to further my yoga education. There are so many things I love about my training!! The friendships made, the hard work, the elation of accomplishment-knowing I am equipped with the tools to help others discover yoga and guide them along in their practice is rewarding. I would recommend this YTT. It's an intensive learning opportunity. Doing this here on Shannon's property, living with the others is transformative."


"I feel confident, prepared and ready to teach. My favorite part was meeting everyone and hearing everyones different perspectives. I loved meeting, growing and learning with everyone. I 100% recommend this training for the closeness and although being away from home was odd, it definitely  began to feel like a home away from home."



October 2019 Yoga Teacher Training


”During my time in Teacher Training I was challenged, supported, loved, understood and forced to grow in the most beautiful way. Being the only student from the area and someone who already knew the teachers, I knew this experience would be amazing, but it completely blew any set expectations I had out of the water. I met and befriended all of my fellow students instantly and formed a bond so powerful and intimate that I’ll never forget. The education and instruction I received from Shannon, Amie and Bert prepared me for any and all opportunities as a yoga teacher. Everything they offered us was so well thought out and personal and truly helped all of us grow into the best versions of ourselves. I could not feel any more ready to step onto my mat as a teacher and put everything I’ve learned here into real life practice. I will truly cherish all the relationships I cultivated during my time. The friendships I created alone made all of this worth it. I am so grateful that I jumped on the opportunity to pursue this training because it really changed my life for the better. Knowing I have continued support as I embark on this new journey means the world to me. I guarantee anyone who selects this training will leave with tears in their eyes, a full heart, a brain full of knowledge, and a rejuventated soul. Forever grateful, Namaste.”



"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The experience was wonderful. I felt very supported and guided along the way. Every day was very much geared around how to make us good yoga teachers. That plus the experience of practice teaching and I feel pretty ready. I am still working on my form, which will be a lifelong journey for me. I enjoyed the afternoon Yama/Niyama/Meditation etc. classes. I didn’t know much about the spiritual side of things, and those classes really opened a door for me. I’m very interested now. I’m thankful for the variety of teaching styles in the training. Bert came in with an energy I’ve never seen in a yoga studio. He reminded me of my soccer coach growing up. It was new, encouraging and fun. I would definitely recommend this training to others. This was an excellently organized training and provided us with a very well-rounded foundation for the future!” ~Abbie 

“With this YTT, I’ve learned not only the skills to become a yoga teacher, but also a mindful way of living. The experience and knowledge I’ve received here will certainly be helpful for my future life. I really appreciate the places where were trained and all the teachers who have shared their skills and philosophy to help me grow and glow. I learned various topics which will remain orientations for my future career. I’m now motivated to deepen this knowledge to live as a genuine yogi. I feel ready to teach yoga to those who wish to practice. The days I’ve spent here will remain in my heart forever. I’ve been surrounded by incredibly amazing people, I feel my mindset has changed and I’m so grateful. I highly recommend this program to those who feel yoga could be helpful for their life.” ~Takeshi


“This experience here at Pure Yoga 200hr YTT has been really wonderful. I feel the training I received here has prepared me to go out immediately and gain employment. Shannon and her wonderful team, Amie and Bert, taught the skills and heart needed to become an authentic and soul-filled teacher. Shannon opened her home up to me. It felt like home from day one and the food was delicious. I will definitely recommend her training course to anyone who is looking to become a yoga teacher. May the Lord bless you and keep you and may His face shine upon you.”~Angela 


“This was the most challenging experience of my life, emotionally, physically and mentally. I learned so many things, more than I could imagine. Shannon is an intense teacher with very constructive advice and tips. I definitely wouldn’t be the same without all of her feedback.  I feel ready to teach yoga, but I know the learning will never end. I would totally recommend this training to anyone all around the world! I felt so welcomed and comfy here (thank you). Bert and Amie are also very good teachers with an infinite amount of patience and knowledge. I hope one day to come back, learn more and share time with you my friends!”~Marine 

“Pure Yoga Teacher Training was everything and more I could’ve asked for. It was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had. Shannon is a wonderful host and teacher. Shannon, Amie and Bert teach in professional and very educating ways. I walked out of here with full confidence in being a yoga teacher. They truly taught me everything that a makes a wonderful teacher.  They also taught me how to make my personal practice better by connecting the dots of mind, body and spirit.  This was amazing and I would recommend this training to absolutely anyone. I give this program a 12/10.” 



July 2020 Yoga Teacher Training

"I feel ready to teach a yoga class and incorporate yoga into my classroom. Shannon's passion is admirable and her personal attention is excellent. Amie is very thorough and knowledgable." ~Crystal


"This experience has been priceless. Fantastic class structure in the midst of Covid. This program was just what I needed during this time."-Jennie

"I learned so much about postures, sequencing, 8 limbs of yoga, history, anatomy, meditation, and how all of these things are connected in yoga. I am grateful for this experience" ~Cameo


"This training has been a blessing. I lost touch with my yogic path and this training brought me back on track. My favorite part of this training was our teachers Amie and Shannon and the wonderful people I met here. I won't forget this experience and all of the insight I've gotten."~Cairin


"I love how intimate this teacher training was. I'm honored to have learned under Shannon and Amie."



"The journey was real!"~Nenita


"I cannot even put this experience into words. Shannon is so full of love and has so much knowledge to offer. Amie is such a light and so passionate about what she teaches. I've learned so much by being here." ~Ester


"The adventure was life changing. I was challenged physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Shannon is kind, loving and nurturing. She offers a safe place to explore your yoga practice, yourself and new friendships. Amie has a light and energy that was so kind and supportive. She really connected to each of us and encouraged us as individuals and as a group. I love the yurt!"~Melanie

March 2019 Yoga Teacher Training

“People say something special happens at yoga teacher training. Life long friendships are cultivated, memories and laughs are shared, and comfort zones are challenged. I can’t speak for all training options out there, but all of those things certainly happened at the Pure Yoga Teacher Training. From Shannon’s beautiful home to her genuine teachers, it was a one of a kind experience. She has created a safe space for authentic growth. The support I found every step of the way encouraged me to test my boundaries and try new things. I left with that support continuing, prepared to teach. I’m so grateful that I chose the training I did and got to be a part of something so special.”



“I want to send a large amount of gratitude to Shannon for all of the dedication and love she puts into these teacher trainings.  I signed up for my teacher training many months in advance not really knowing what to expect.  I show up the first day of the training and met my group of trainees, Shannon and Aime.  Happily, we all started finding our interpersonal connections that very night.  After many early mornings together, lots of laughs, long days, crossing paths with many people in the yoga community of The Dalles, life changing emotional releases and thought provoking conversations well into the evenings the training was over.  Looking back, I have changed for the positive and I see things in my life a little differently.  I am a stronger yogi inside and outside, and I owe that to the many people that were part of my YTT journey.  With the training, I am well prepared to go into any yoga situation and teach what I have been taught and share the gift of a balanced yoga practice.  I can guarantee the environment that Shannon cultivates with her amazing yoga family is one of a kinda, rock solid and ingrained in who you are when you leave.”



“My teacher training with Shannon and her wonderful team of instructors at Pure Yoga was an experience I will never forget, for all the right reasons! The amount of knowledge, compassion, respect, humor, and pure grit was exactly what I needed to make my certification experience a fortuitous one. I feel prepared to teach yoga and with hard work and dedication instilled in me by Shannon and her team's example I trust in my yoga future. Nothing is sugar coated here and expectations are high but just as important as these is to allow yourself grace and room to breathe. I found a new family in all of my fellow trainees and instructors. These wonderful humans truly know how to make a certification immersion educational, enjoyable and exemplary.”


August 2018 Yoga Teacher Training


"If you're looking for a program that will let you grow in to the authentic teacher you know you are, this is it! I loved that we hit the ground running ... teaching each other asanas everyday, starting on day one! There's so much knowledge packed into two weeks, it could feel overwhelming. However, Pure Yoga's warm, hands-on teaching style made it all manageable. I know everyone in my class left feeling confident that they had the tools & ability to create a solid class flow, guide proper alignment & be in tune with the emotional needs that may arise in a yogi. We were taught the skills that matter in the real world. Shannon, Bert, Amie & all the wonderful teachers & artists were a pleasure to learn from. I am so thankful to have found this program!" 


March 2018 Yoga Teacher Training

"I came to WIN Yoga Teacher Training looking to advance my practice. I walked away with much, much more. Because my home studio is a loving, accepting and compassionate environment, I came into teacher training felling like I had all of the love and support I needed. I cannot put into words how grateful I am for this experience. When people you never knew before become your closest resource, magic either happens or it doesn't. The expression, "God is love", comes to mind here. Not only did I see myself in a new light and experience a major break through. I learned about loving and compassion for others on a whole new level.. As I leave here today, I walk reassured my lifelong family is there for me. I am confident in my skills as a teacher and know the Lotus 11 will always have my back."



"I feel so grateful to have found Shannon's teacher training program. The smaller group size made us feel like a family, so the support for each other was able to be comforting and empowering. We started practice teaching on day 1, so by the end, I felt confident enough to teach an hour long class, which we did! I can't believe how much I learned in only 15 days. Wow. I feel confident in my understanding of yoga anatomy, teaching classes, numerous breathing meditations, use of props, and my own ability to give adjustments. Seeing my own practice improve was a BONUS! Thank you , Thank you, Thank you!"



"Awesome experience...Lots of emotions up and down, fear and doubt kept coming in at times, but the leaders and group kept all of us inspired. Honestly I didn't believe I could do it after the 1st day but you helped me believe I could. Even with all the obstacles I thought the schedule was doable and worked for all of us. Getting to go the park and studios was fantastic. Getting us up in front of the group the first day was genius. I love you Shannon (Amie, Bert and Gabe too). P.S. Thanks for the intuition on putting me at the was so peaceful!"



"I am so pleased and amazed from day one of class to the last day. The transformation we as students have changing for me! The love and care, plus time and effort Shannon, Amie and Bert put in on our behalf is truly incredible . Amazed at the amount of knowledge we gained! I would definitely recommend Pure Yoga Teacher Training! Well worth the time, effort and money!! You will leave with the tools and knowledge to be a yoga teacher!"



"There are times in my life I've felt much more fortunate than others. This is certainly one of them. An all around incredible experience, with deeply committed and beautiful people. From biscuits and gravy to micro greens, we've emerged nourished on every level; open and ready to share. Namaste. "



"Amazing experience! I'm blown away with how much we learned in two weeks! I hadn't anticipated all the attention to emotion and trauma but I'm so glad it was addressed with care and consideration. Personally, I didn't mind not having a set schedule in advance, each day was like a new adventure! We couldn't have gotten luckier with the people in our group and you all did a really great job facilitating space and activities for us to bond further. Thank you all for your love and support throughout this journey."



"The two week training experience has been intense, challenging, and overwhelmingly rewarding. Shannon could not have brought together a better group of people. We jumped right into teaching on day 1, which allowed us to start building confidence right away. All of the instructors, Shannon, Amie, and Bert were supportive and informative every step of the way. The guest speakers did great talks as well. I feel so honored to be part of the first Pure Yoga Teacher Training. Each day was a surprise and we always had to be ready to go with the flow, which can be challenging, but it was always for the best interest and needs of the group. I feel like I am leaving with the knowledge needed to lead a class and also with some of the sweetest friends."



"This YTT was full of love and support that I had not anticipated. We started practice teaching from day 1, which was frightening, but the format built us up to finally teach a full hour at the end of the training with confidence, creativity and joy. The bonds built between everyone was amazing and it felt like we were all at summer yoga camp! All the teacher trainers were awesome and fully capable of teaching us everything we need to know to be competent yoga teachers."



"Yoga teacher training...Hearing those three words before I left had seemed exciting. If I had known what was going to happen, and how much this teacher training changed my life, I would have done this much sooner. Shannon at Pure Yoga is the most caring, supportive, and knowledgeable element to this experience. I wouldn't change what I've experienced here for anything. Amie was and is a plethora of amazing and patient! Bert was and is extremely knowledgeable, approachable and caring, my gratitude is endless for his support and kind words. This entire journey is life changing, the people you meet become family, the energy created, never to fade. The acceptance and understanding is unconditional and from a place of love. I am so blessed to be a part of this experience! Thank you so much to everyone at Pure Yoga! Also thank you to Gabe, Shannon's husband, for being so humble and kind, he really is an inspiration! P.S. Every sinner has a future and every saint has a past."



"Wow! What a wonderful experience! I cannot say enough about Amie, Bert and Shannon. The transformation within myself and the rest of my class has been unreal. I feel l'm walking away with my YTT cert and so much more. Amie, Bert and Shannon give you the confidence you need to lead a clas. I felt at home the entire time and the two weeks went by SO FAST! I love my new yoga fam!"



"My experience at this retreat has overall been a wonderful and an amazing chance for me to learn more about yoga. The accommodations were generous and gladly provided. Communication was always available among the group. Our schedule was built structured with great management and break conscientious. Transportation and lodging were excellent to have and again gladly provided. Introduction was a great way to ease the group together and start building connections. Fun games throughout that I thoroughly enjoyed along with group work. Glad that mock instruction started early to expose ourselves to verbally instructing. Readily available resources made it possible to find information easy and helpful. A good place for growth into a teacher. The knowledge provided was abundant and thoroughly explained. Great way to cover history of yoga with group presentations. Learning anatomy was easy with the provided book and videos to reinforce the information. Awesome opportunity to try Vikram, Vinyasa and other various classes. Loved the experience and growing with everyone towards our yoga journeys."


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