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Warning Signs of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Updated: Jun 11

Before committing to a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), it’s crucial to understand that this journey is not just about learning how to lead yoga classes. It should be a sacred space for you to explore your practice, deepen your understanding of yourself, and stretch into your infinite potential. However, with the rising number of yoga teacher trainings around the world, it is increasingly difficult to distinguish high-quality programs from subpar ones.

Warning Signs of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Spotting the Warning Signs of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Choosing the wrong program can leave you unprepared and with an unrecognized certification. Without proper vetting, students risk wasting time and money on poor-quality training that fails to equip them to teach yoga safely and effectively. Here are the top 12 red flags to look out for when choosing a yoga certification course:

1. School is Not Yoga Alliance-Registered

Effect: Lack of oversight and standards alignment makes the quality of practice uncertain. Yoga Alliance registration ensures that the school adheres to certain educational standards, providing a level of assurance about the quality of training.

2. Absence of Techniques, Training, and Practice from a Registered School

Effect: Key foundational knowledge, skills, and experience will be missing. A registered school provides structured and comprehensive training that covers all essential aspects of yoga practice and teaching.

3. Big Group Size

Effect: Less personalized attention and fewer opportunities for Q&A and feedback. Smaller class sizes ensure that each student receives individual attention and guidance, which is crucial for personal growth and learning.

4. Lack of Philosophies, Lifestyle, and Ethics Lessons

Effect: Deficits in a complete understanding of yogic principles beyond the physical. A holistic YTT program includes teachings on the philosophies, lifestyle, and ethics of yoga, enriching the student's overall experience and knowledge.

5. Very Short Duration

Effect: Rushed training without time for complete learning and practice absorption. Adequate duration is essential for students to absorb and practice the teachings fully, ensuring they are well-prepared to teach.

6. No Anatomy and Physiology Lessons

Effect: Poses, adjustments, and sequences are taught without regard for bodily systems, mechanics, and safety. Understanding anatomy and physiology is crucial for teaching safe and effective yoga classes.

7. Too Many Trainers or Unclear Teaching Faculty

Effect: Conflicting approaches and a lack of unified teaching methodology. A consistent teaching approach helps students develop a clear and cohesive understanding of yoga practices.

9. No Focus on Teaching Techniques

Effect: Graduates lack real preparation to lead sessions confidently using the categories of asana. Effective YTT programs provide comprehensive training in teaching techniques, ensuring graduates can lead classes with confidence.

10. Too Many Days Off

Effect: Prioritizes retreat or vacation over intensive teaching training. A balanced schedule that prioritizes learning ensures students get the most out of their training.

11. Trainers are Not Dedicated Practitioners

Effect: Poor role models are less able to inspire passion for lifelong learning. Trainers who are dedicated practitioners themselves can inspire and motivate students.

12. Very Few Reviews

Effect: Red flag for possible low program visibility or quality issues. Reviews and testimonials provide insight into the experiences of past students, helping you gauge the program's quality.

Choosing a high-quality 200 Hour YTT program is crucial for your growth and development as a yoga teacher. By being aware of these warning signs, you can make an informed decision and find a program that will support and nurture your journey.

Warning Signs of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Ready to embark on your journey to become a yoga teacher?

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2024 Yoga Teacher Training Dates:

  • July 1-17: Vinyasa 200 hr (2 spaces left)

  • October 1-17: Hot 26 200 hr

  • October 1-10: Hot 26 50 hr

  • December 1-10: Yin 50 hr

2025 Yoga Teacher Training Dates:

  • April 1-17: Vinyasa 200 hr

  • June 1-17: Vinyasa 200 hr

  • July 1-28: Hot 26 300 hr

  • October 1-10: Hot 26 50 hr

  • December 1-10: Yin 50 hr

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